Wine and food

Young, light Riesling wines – dry to fruity-sweet, depending on their gusto – are the ideal summer wines. Mature Rieslings are better suited as an accompaniment to food and even some Riesling Spätlese wines that are getting on a bit show a hint of their youth again when taken with food. Dry to medium-dry Rieslings go particularly well with light dishes, such as steamed salt and freshwater fish, boiled meat with a light sauce and small poultry varieties. Medium-dry to sweet Spätlese harmonizes well with cream cheese, while fruity sweet Spätlese or delicately sweet Auslese wines are the ideal accompaniment to fruity desserts. Matured, delicately sweet Auslese and Beerenauslese Rieslings are the ideal aperitifs on festive occasions.


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