Wine and health

Wine has been used as a medicine since ancient time. Almost all of the
peoples of the world have relied on its internal and external healing powers
since ancient times. One of the oldest recipes involving the therapeutic effect of wine is from Babylon, where a Sumerian doctor recommended wine sweetened with honey as a cure for coughing 4,600 years ago. The Greek physician Hippocrates of Cos (460 – 377 BC) even reported: »Wine is of great importance for humans, provided that the sick and the healthy enjoy it the right way«. Words that are as true now as they were then, as the results of much recent research confirm. In the year 2010, it is regarded as an established fact that wine drinkers live healthier lives, that white wine is just as healthy as red wine and rosé
just as good as sparkling wine.

A study by British scientists caused quite a stir when it was first published in 1979. They had examined the death rates in 18 western countries and discovered that at a time when 40% of all deaths were attributable to cardiovascular disorders, the death rate in countries with high wine consumption, such as France and Italy, was comparatively low. People in countries with low wine consumption rates, on the other hand, suffered from cardiac and circulatory problems three to four times more often. These results triggered further studies which concluded that moderate and regular wine consumption reduces cardiovascular disorders by 40 to 60%. Moderate wine consumption means one or two glasses per day for women and one to three glasses for men.

The health-promoting and preventive effect of wine consumption is attributable primarily to its blood-thinning properties. Scientists have established that the risk of a blood clot can be reduced by 33% through moderate wine consumption. A study by the German Wine Academy actually showed that wine may help to abate colds, as it kills the majority of the viruses or bacteria causing the problem. Wine also prevents the age-related degradation of brain function and, as it contains phenolic compounds that can bind free radicals, it slows down the aging process, prevents the formation of kidney stones and enhances love life. Moderate consumption of red and white wine is also good for the stomach and bowels. And last but not least, connoisseurs love nothing more than an excellent wine as an accompaniment to a well-prepared meal. The wine shimmering in the glass fills the spirit with the joy of expectation, the aroma of the food fills the air, the pleasant sensual stimulation whets the appetite and has a positive influence on the production of saliva and gastric juices. The first glass of wine gives the body a pleasant warmth and helps to develop interesting conversations. The peaceful mood absorbs the stress of everyday life, which is in turn beneficial to the stomach and bowels.

Wine doesn’t just promote well-being from the inside, however. There are cosmetic skin care series in Germany which include exhilarating facial toners with red wine extracts for refreshing the skin and creamy cleansing milk products with grape seed oil. In addition to this, Wine and Wellness packages can be booked at many resorts in the German wine-growing regions, either at the hotels or directly from the winemaker. Wine is not only administered internally here, it is also applied externally in every conceivable manner in the form of soothing massages, body packs, peelings and baths, all of which contain red or white wine extracts. German wine promotes health and well-being – from the inside and the outside.


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