Clemens Busch

»A good winemaker doesn’t make wine, he merely accompanies it during its creation.
The fundamentals of this are always to be found in the vineyard. The cellar contains the art of intervening as little as possible and maintaining a healthy environment for the natural processes.«

Clemens Busch

Strong commitment to ecological and organic wine making

The Clemens Busch winery is one of the top producers of organic wine in Germany. The estate is located in the village of Pünderich (near Bernkastel) in the Mosel wine-growing region. The main premises are situated in a picturesque timber-framed house built in 1663 right on the banks of the Mosel River, while the new cellar was built further up the hill in the 1970s. The business has been run by Rita and Clemens Busch since 1986, with son Florian bolstering the team in 2008. The vineyards have a total of
11 hectares under vines in the Pünderich vineyard locations of Marienburg and Nonnengarten. Riesling grapes are grown on 95% of the area, along with Müller-Thurgau and Spätburgunder to a lesser extent. Ecological viniculture is practiced consistently in accordance with the guidelines of the ECOVIN association, which prohibit the use of fungicides, herbicides and other substances.

Special attention is paid at the Busch winery to the cultivation of resistant grapevines and this is achieved above all through the use of natural fertilizers, clay minerals and plant extracts. The grapes are only squeezed lightly or left whole before pressing at very low pressure. The best batches are then fermented in stainless steel, the others in wood. As a matter of principle, spontaneous fermentation is practiced with the musts intended for dry wines, while selected yeast is used as an exception for high-quality Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese wines where the sugar levels are sometimes so high that wild yeasts would not even begin to work.

The top vineyard location Pündericher Marienburg

Most of the area under vines, which totals roughly 10 hectares, is situated in the Pündericher Marienburg vineyard which covers almost all of the hillside on the opposite side of the river from the village of Pünderich and which faces south to south-east. Until the new wine legislation was introduced in the 1970s, this vineyard consisted of several small plots and not without good reason, because the wines grown in the different parts of today’s Marienburg vineyard are still very different. It is not only the different slate soils but also the special microclimates that play an important role here. To emphasize the specific differences that exist within the Marienburg vineyard, the corresponding wines still bear the names of the old plots. These include in particular Fahrlay and Fahrlay-Terrassen, Falkenlay and Raffes, as well as Rothenpfad and Felsterrasse. Accordingly, the blue slate of the Fahrlay plot produces a Riesling with a particularly intensive mineral flavour and slightly salty notes in the finish, whereas the grey slate of the Falkenlay plot produces particularly creamy, fruit-driven Rieslings.

Grey slate dominates in the original Pündericher Marienburg location and this is where the grapes for »Großes Gewächs Marienburg GG« are harvested among others. This is an outstanding Riesling with a particularly fine yellow peach aroma. The harmoniously integrated acidity gives the wine an invigorating freshness with a powerful finish, very good structure and backbone. Simply a top Riesling.


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