Friedrich Fendel

»What you taste with our wines is a unique terroir. Our premier cru vineyards on the steep slopes above the Rhine give our wines a very special identity.«
Walter Hetzert, Weingut Friedrich Fendel

Over 500 years of wine tradition

The winemaker family Fendel-Hetzert has been growing wine in Germany since 1510, first in Niederheimbach in the Mittelrhein region, and since 1860 in Rüdesheim am Rhein, in the heart of the Rheingau. Today, 85% of the grapes grown the on the 16.5 hectares under vines at the Friedrich Fendel winery are Riesling, the queen of all grapes. The remaining area is planted almost exclusively with Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), the grapes of which are either white-vinified or aged into red wine. The vineyards are located in the Rüdesheim, Geisenheim and Assmannshausen districts on the south facing slopes of the Taunus hills. The Friedrich Fendel winery has extensive vineyard ownership in the classified vineyard locations of the Rüdesheimer Berg: The »first growth“ (premier cru) locations are Klosterlay and Kirchenpfad.

Tradition can only develop if the quality is right year after year. In line with this philosophy, quality, not quantity is the focus of the Friedrich Fendel wine estate. Accordingly, the vineyards are cared for in an environmentally friendly way and the vines are carefully and moderately trimmed. The winery‘s size permits selective harvesting at the ideal time – only whole healthy grapes are put into the press. The temperature-controlled fermentation and storage of the wines takes place in small containers made of wood and stainless steel. Modern cellar technology is applied only to a moderate extent in the maturing process, without neglecting traditional methods. The result are Rieslings of excellent quality.

Skill, passion and terroir

A variety of factors influence a good wine. One of them, of course, is the skill and passion of the winemaker; another is the quality of the terroir and grapes. Winemaker Paul Hetzert, who runs the winery together with his brother Walter, knows how to unite these factors in a unique way. Selected Riesling and Pinot Noir grapes grow on sun-drenched south-facing slopes in the steep vineyard locations (gradients of up to 65%) of Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen. In an interplay with the favourable soil characteristics – from sandy loam and loess to quartzite to heavy, heat-storing slate – a wide range of flavours is produced which makes the wines particularly multifaceted. Fendel wines are distinguished by their clean, clear bouquet, a well-integrated acidity, as well as lasting flavour and outstanding pleasure to drink.


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