Markus Schneider

»There definitively is no Schneider Recipe.«
Markus Schneider, Weingut Schneider

Powerful red wine cuvées and straightforward Rieslings

In 1990, Klaus Schneider was offered the unique opportunity of buying an old winery for his son, because Markus Schneider only wanted one thing in life: to grow wine! He learned the trade from 1991 to 1994 at the famous wine estate Dr. Bürklin-Wolf and launched the first products from the newly founded Markus Schneider Winery into the market in 1994. The style of the estate is based mainly on red wine cuvées. Markus Schneider’s role models are the great châteaux in the Bordeaux region, Château Lynch Bages and Ducru Beaucaillou. Many of Schneider’s red wines, such as »Steinsatz« and »Black Print« are cuvées that are unique throughout the Pfalz region. »Steinsatz« is a cuvée made from Merlot, Cabernet Franc, St. Laurent and Cabernet Cubin, while »Black Print« is a blend of St. Laurent, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Cabernet Mitos and Cabernet Dorsa. The dark fruit and strong concentration that are achieved here are due to the perfect combination of grapes harvested at their peak ripeness and the characteristics of the individual vineyard locations. Determining the ideal harvesting time of the very different grape varietals is the greatest challenge here, but Markus Schneider is the living proof that Germany can produce unique red wines too.

However, the white wines produced by Markus Schneider shouldn’t be sneezed at either. According to Wine Guru Stuart Pigott, Schneider achieves convincing results above all with dry Rieslings, purist and straightforward, which are distinguished by a wonderful mineral tartness despite all of the fruitiness. Also Schneider`s Rosé Saigner is characterises by an international style with fine raspberry fruit flavours. No wonder that Markus Schneider was voted Newcomer of the Year by the well-known magazine »Feinschmecker« in 2003 and Discovery of the Year by  Gault Millau in 2006. Within only a few years, this career changer has shot to the top echelons of the German wine industry and established a solid position.

The Individualist

Markus Schneider’s philosophy is that he doesn’t have one. He is passionate about what he does and produces wines that he likes to drink himself on an area of 50 hectares in the meantime. In doing so, it is important to him not to copy other wine styles but to act individually. This young winemaker’s recipe for success lies purely and simply in this individuality coupled with quality. Ample evidence of the latter is provided by reduced quantities, manual harvesting, careful and gentle pressing and long maturing periods with no external influences on red wines filled in wooden casks. His white wines remain in contact with the fine yeast until shortly before bottling in order to achieve a complex aroma spectrum. There are many winemakers with the name Schneider in Germany, but only one Markus Schneider!


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