Schloss Vaux

»Schloss Vaux: The best thing that can happen to a sparkling wine«
Nikolaus Graf von Plettenberg, Schloss Vaux

The German Sparkling Wine Company

Although initially established in Berlin in 1868, the VAUX sparkling wine production company has its headquarters today in Eltville in the German Rheingau wine-growing region. In the course of the following eighty years, the company acquired Chateau de VAUX on the Mosel river along with extensive vineyards, thus becoming a German sparkling wine company. After World War I, Lorraine was ceded to France, as a result of which sparkling wine production was moved to Eltville in Rheingau. After changing hands several times, a small group of wine lovers, instigated by Wiesbaden bank director Gustav Adolf Schaeling, took over the sparkling wine company from a subsidiary of Dresdner Bank in 1982. Since then, Schloss VAUX has become a public limited company with 70 shareholders. Nikolaus Graf von Plettenberg has been Chairman since 1998. Prinz Michael zu Salm-Salm is Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Marcus Hess General Manager and winemaker.

High quality lieu-dit sparkling wines and blended cuvées

Schloss VAUX stands for uncompromising sparkling wine production with respect for tradition. This means of course that all Schloss VAUX sparkling wines are produced in accordance with the traditional bottle fermentation method. In this way, single-grape variety Riesling and Burgundy sparkling wines are produced along with the speciality of the VAUX company, Rheingau lieu-dit sparkling wines from renowned vineyard locations. In doing so, great care is always taken to ensure that the highest quality demands are maintained, from the grape to the elegant composition of the wine. This is ensured to no small extent by the personal contacts to the winemakers, which have grown and developed for decades. A symbol of the special quality of VAUX lieu-dit sparkling wines is the unique cellar tag with the VAUX seal. The basic wines of the Rheingau lieu-dit sekt wines are purchased from renowned Rheingau growers to produce vintage sparkling wines in relatively small editions. The second important pillar of the range is formed by blended cuvées, i.e. the artistic composition of a sparkling wine from various grape types. Schloss VAUX focuses here on the refinement of Riesling and Burgundy wines. The company’s basic cuvée is »Cuvée VAUX« made from Pinot Blanc, gently pressed Pinot Noir and Riesling grapes. Within them, the powerful blend of the Burgundy varietals unites with the freshness of the Riesling to produce a special taste experience. In addition to this there is also the »Rosé Brut« which, with its bouquet of ripe strawberries, is the ideal aperitif for social occasions.

Schloss VAUX sparkling wines are produced with the highest possible level of care and craftsmanship using the traditional bottle fermentation method. Thanks to their gentle transformation into sparkling wines, during which they are allowed to mature on the yeast for a long time in the original bottle, they convince through their complexity, fine mousseux and discreet fruit and yeast aromas. VAUX sparkling wines are luxury products in which tradition and skill are manifested. They appeal especially to connoisseurs of the extraordinary and are not to be found everywhere in large quantities for this reason.


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