Sektkellerei Bardong

»We do not produce any cuvées, we only make lieu-dit and vintage sparkling wines. The base wines are high-quality Kabinett wines whose fine aromas are to be found in Bardong sparkling wines.«
Norbert Bardong, Sektkellerei Bardong

The Love of Sparkling Wine

Sektkellerei Bardong was founded by Norbert Bardong in the vaults of the former sparkling wine cellars of Schloss Rheinberg and Schloss Waldeck in the German Rheingau wine-growing region in 1984. In addition to the quarry stone walls of the historical building, the metre-long bottle racks and pupitres from Champagne bear witness to the long tradition of manual sparkling wine production. Norbert Bardong discovered his love of sparkling wine after studying Beverage Technology at the renowned wine university in Geisenheim and completing various internships in the Champagne region. It did not take him long to reach the decision to refine the wines of his Rheingau home district by himself to produce sparkling wines using the traditional method of classic bottle fermentation. All of the sparkling wines of the Bardong company are produced by hand using this method in order to guarantee their high quality. Thus, each bottle is unique and a masterpiece.

One grape variety, one single vineyard location, one vintage

The base wines for these sparkling wines are high-quality Kabinett wines. There are no cuvees at Bardong, only sparkling wines made from one grape variety from the same single vineyard, which means that these base wines are all made from grapes of the same type grown in the same location in the same year. In this way, it is guaranteed that the unique character and taste of each wine are reflected in the sparkling wine in a pure and genuine manner. What this means is that Bardong sparkling wines do not taste like typical sparkling wines, but more like high-quality refined fine wines with most elegant bubbles. In addition to this, the sparkling wines are allowed to mature on the yeast for at least 36 months – just like vintage champagne – and some for even up to twenty years, which helps them to develop their very special fine bubbles, delicious lightness and wonderful mellowness. These are limited edition sparkling wines which receive the best appraisals in international comparisons, so much so that even the crowned heads of Europe, such as Queen Elizabeth II, are convinced of their quality. Thanks to their character, these individualists from the House of Bardong are equally well suited to be enjoyed on their own or with a meal. Erbacher Honigberg Riesling brut is recommended as an aperitif and enjoyable accompaniment to seafood and white meat and fish dishes, whereas  Assmannshäuser Frankenthal Pinot Noir dry goes best with highly flavoured poultry and dark meat (kept on yeast for over 7 years). The Rüdesheimer Klosterberg Pinot Noir Rosé brut is a delicately rosé-coloured and intense sparkling wine with red fruit aromas and fine, elegant bubbles. Every Bardong bottle is a unique and high-quality sparkling wine for special occasions.


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